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Update 7/7/12

Ok, looks like Saturday is the day! Last year Joker and Harley went with a "Wedding Fun" look, and now that the couple are for reals expecting their first child and thus practically have no choice (let us know if you want registry info!), they'll be doing part 2 in this series! Also sounds like there may be some bonus Catwoman in on the theme as well. We hope to bump into you guys!

Also in case you haven't heard about it, several members of the GPW crew are involved (either behind the scenes or in front of the camera, or both) in a pretty friggin' exciting, upcoming webseries called Batgirl Spoiled. On Friday night a whole bunch of the gang will be getting together at the upper bar at the Hyatt, so get caught up about the series at and, then come on by and share a drink!

Oh! If you're in the market for a few con-going tips, especially if you're a cosplayer, check out this article by our own Harley from her years of experience. And her tendency to be maybe too much of a planner sometimes.

Happy SDCC 2012!!

Update 6/30/11

Forums are disabled for a while, they will relaunch after Con might not come back. Thanks for playing!

Update 12/10/10

Guess we'll skip telling you all our very good excuses for not having our "new" photos up yet from SDCC '10 (including the Joker and double Harley shoot), but they're ready and coming soon. For reals! If you're really eager you can check them out at our facebook fan page. Speaking of, if you haven't yet please like us and maybe drop a hello!

While we've got you here we DO have something shiny and new to share. Check out this teaser trailer for a new little project of Harley's called "Harley's Handy Household Hints", THE show for the domestically-inclined baddie!

Update 07/28/10

We are just racking up the years at Comic-Con, ain't we?? It was another fun year and we got to meet some wonderful fans, make some new friends, and partake of our hotel's happy hour a little too well. Most of the gang couldn't suit up this year, but what we lacked in crew we made up for in Harley's!! More on that later. Pics and a bit more news are coming, but here's a little something till then:

Update 07/17/10

Hello, friends! Yes, we live!! Been preoccupied with stuff outside of Gotham, but we still love our burg. For those of you going to San Diego Comic-Con we'll be running around yet again! Keep an eye out for us Saturday along with a special guest character while we interact with our Arkham Asylum video game selves! Yes, it'll be double the characters you love in a surreal multi-media mashup! So that should be fun :)

We also plan to attend Harleypalooza Saturday hosted by our Harley's Australian twin sis of fame among other things.

And as long as we're talking Comic-Con events, on Friday night a few of us will be at the 2nd Annual Marked Men pirate party on board those tall ships in that bay not too far from the convention center! We'll look different than you're used to, but hey, don't let that keep you from partying with us and other pirates. Might even catch Harley as a West Indian sword fighting voodoo priestess!

There you have it, our Comic-Con update!

Update 09/01/09

And they're trickling in! The first set of photos from this year is up in the Main Gallery, and more are coming over this week and possibly next. Keep your eye on the Comic-Con '09, Joker, Harley, Mad Hatter, and Huntress sections, and for a few more being added to the Main Gallery.

Within the next few months we also intend to build the Comic-Con '08 section with all kinds of videos that were shot with us, and to add even more pics to the Batman: Forsaken section. I hope you're looking at those cause I think they're pretty neat.

Ok, you can go look at pictures now! GPW -

Update 08/07/09

Hey, everyone!

Quick heads up - we've just about recovered from another intense, eventful, super fun year at Comic-Con and are doing our best to get photos up ASAP. Should be up some time next month. No, seriously! Anyway, we had a lot of fun stepping out in our vacation wear and we think you'll enjoy it too. Hooray, summer!


Update 06/20/09 :: We live!

Oh, wow. We honestly meant to post this update about 4 months ago. Life is full of stuff… Thanks for your patience!

Fan Art: We’ve updated the fan art section with a MAJOR backlog of wonderful pieces we’ve been sent. Thanks to everyone we’ve inspired for inspiring us right back. Does that sound pretentious?

Podcast Interview: Late last year our Joker, Harley and Catwoman had a blast yapping the ears off of Chris and Fanboy Will over at Everything from Groucho Marx impressions to Celtic harp and covert mime is covered. Check it out! We're episodes 35 and 36. Also keep an eye out for their upcoming interview with Huntress, Batgirl, and our writer/director Brian Crosby.

San Diego Comic-Con: This being the 10th anniversary of GPW at Con we’re gonna try something a little different. On Friday, July 24th look for the “Summer Vacation” versions of the characters! So wacky!

Fan Film Award: Our "Batman Forsaken" trailer just won 2nd place at the Superman Celebration Fan Film Competition! Thanks to Lin Workman for the tip! 

Hm... Our "Be The Bat" button at the top of the page seems to be missing. That's funny... (Hee, hee!)


Update 8/24/08 :: Latest batch of pictures from Forsaken trailer

Still bringing you the goods! We've got another set of behind-the-scenes photos and screen grabs from the "Batman Forsaken" trailer up, and more are coming. Also coming up soon will be a heap of new fan art and some fun interviews we did at Comic-Con this year! Good times...


Update 8/08/08 :: The Trailer for Batman Forsaken

Here ya go! Smaller version on YouTube for the bandwidth impaired

Batman Forsaken
Cast & Crew

Brian Crosby - Batman, Writer, Director
Regan Remy - Catwoman, Executive Producer, Producer, 1st AD, Composer
Tara Strand - Harley Quinn, Producer, Art Director, Costume Supervisor
Donald Strand - The Joker, Production Assistant
Taliesin Jaffe - Mad Hatter, Production Assistant
Topher Davila - The Penguin
Morgan Wessler - Two-Face
Cynthia Mendez - The Huntress
Jill Encarnacion - Batgirl
Amy Melin - Chickadee
Katrina Mosher - Finella
Christi Anne Franck - Associate Producer, Production Manager, Script Supervisor
Muse Greaterson - Associate Producer, Foley Artist
Matthew C. Boyd - Director of Photography
Frederic Chaignat - Assitant to the DP
Scott Sohan - Editor, Visual Effects
Chris Biggs - Visual Effects Supervisor
Mark Kochinski - Visual Effects
Rob Dressel - Visual Effects
Lincoln Smith - Visual Effects
Chris Komashko - Sound Designer, Sound Mixer
James Domkus - Gaffer, Key Grip
Robert Held - Grip
Vickiy Strutt-Hackman - Prop Coordinator, Set Dresser
Alex Polinsky - Prop Maker, Voice Director, Video Documentation
Kristin Biggs - Set Dresser
Louie Lambie - Set Construction, Props, Weapons Coordinator, PA
Sean Holton - Set Construction
Johnny Hackman - Set Construction
Mitchel Evans - Fight coordinator, Makeup Artist, Specialty Rigger
Jessica Westbrook - Makeup Artist, Costuming, Set Dressing Assistant, Lounge Singer
Krista Zala - Craft Services
Jason Naylor - Craft Services
Josh Skemp - Grip, Production Assistant
RJ Parsons - Production Assistant
Lisa Marusin - Production Assistant
Bevan Iredell - Photographer, Video Documentation
Leora Saul - Photographer
Lincoln Kamm - Photographer
Dan Gordon-Levitt - Photographer

Special Thanks: Pablo at SkyDrops, The RumRunners, Hunger Lam, Cherme Lucero, Cat Thelia, Tony Swatton, Annisse, Chris Mendicino, Iceberg Lounge extras, Kevin Daniels, Paul Krieg, Faith Silva, Kelly Crosby, Gotham Public Works' donators and fans

Update 8/02/08 We're back!

We return triumphant from another Comic-Con! We met hundreds of fans, did a ton of fun interviews, geeked out, and partied hard. Speaking of, the trailer premiere party was a blast! If you weren't there fear not; you'll be able to finally see our trailer for "Batman Forsaken" within the week, so make sure to check back!

In the meantime let the magic of video montage take you back through Comic-Con '08 with GPW... Enjoy!

Update 7/23/08 Last video before con

Con is here! Can you feel the excitement? We hope to see some of you at our Party on friday night (See the 7/16 update for details) , or at least on the floor of con when we are strutting around in our fancy duds on Thursday.

The next video is up! Today we have Mad Hatter and Property Abuse at Sky Drop Studios.

Update 7/22/08 New video and new ways of keeping tabs on us

We have added our first behind the scenes video to the Batman Forsken site! This is also available on our Youtube page, click here to be a subscriber! We also now have an RSS feed availble for you web 2.0 people.

Update 7/16/08 GPW at Comic-Con International 2008

Just days away! As usual we'll have a presence at Comic-Con, suited up and ready give you some Gotham, but we've got something extra special in store this year. To start off the "Batman Forsaken" series with a bang and to help raise funds we're hosting a big premiere bash for the featurette on Friday, July 25th! We've got a lot in store for you at this party, but I'll let the flyer tell you more:

If you'd like to join us at the party PLEASE print out the invitation (the back side with the most info and the information phone number) and bring it with you. We'll also have them available at Comic-Con and will be handing them out on Thursday and Friday afternoon, but if you're reading this your safest bet is the printout.

By the way, due to circumstances the only time you'll be able to catch all of us suited up together on the same day will be at the party. Other than that you can find us in mixed clumps at the convention center on Thursday, Friday, and possibly Sunday. We'll do our best to be over at the DC booth as often as possible!

Also no more "Batman Forsaken" behind the scenes photos till after Con, but we still have something for you! Check out the first poster for the series...


Update 7/10/08

This week's pics from the "Forsaken" trailer are now up! Only 2 weeks till con, details about the Trailer showing soon!

Update 7/05/08

This week's pics from the "Forsaken" trailer are now up! Also on July 17th starting at 10pm you can catch us at the Ontario Imax with 4 Color Fantasies for the premiere of "The Dark Knight". Come by to say hi, take pictures, and then catch the midnight showing with us!

Update 6/26/08

This week's pics from the "Forsaken" trailer are now up!

Update 6/17/08

It's really about time we finally gave you a little more to help whet your appetite for that trailer you've been hearing about. So, today we give you the first in a long series of photos documenting the making of the trailer! Every week (or as close as possible to that) we'll release a set of photos that will be anything and everything from behind-the-scenes shots, screen grabs, production stills, and so on all the way up until we show you the finished product! And then probably even more photos after that!

Thank you, and enjoy :)


Update 5/19/08

Check out our podcast interview on episode 10 of The Batman Universe Podcast! Brian Crosby, the writer and director of the upcoming trailer for Gotham Public Works' short film series "Batman Forsaken" and the people behind GPW's Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Mad Hatter and Huntress discuss the series, the making of the trailer, their characters, the fandom and more. Plus we answer some fan questions and ::drumroll:: we'll reveal and introduce you to the newest character in the ranks! Thanks, Dustin! Listen here:

Update 5/06/08

Greetings, Gothamites! We are proud to finally announce the launch of the GPW shop at! Just in time for Mother's Day :)

Now you can buy merchandise featuring the Gotham Public Works logo and (eventually) characters to help support our efforts to bring you more and better!

We've got plans for many more products and designs too, so make sure to check back. Plus if you've got an idea for something you'd like to see (and would totally buy once available) feel free to let us know!

C'mon, were you really gonna go anywhere that awesome on that half a tank of gas?

Update 4/24/08

The trailer shoot is behind us, post production is ahead of us, and we are so delighted.

We almost couldn't have asked for a more fun, smooth, and positive shoot! Dozens of wonderful, talented people and amazing resources came together, and not only did we end up making something on a more professional level than expected but we all had a great time doing it and learned a ton. Yes, the shoot and pre-production were seemingly endless amounts of incredibly hard, mentally and physically exhausting, time-consuming, limit-testing work, but it was amazing to see what we were capable of and to FINALLY do this thing!! Plus the raw footage is looking awesome.

So right now our editors and visual effects people are starting to do their thing, and we're beginning to tackle a ton of other tasks like getting the online shop up (still paying those bills!), preparing production photos to show on the site, taking on promotional opportunities, building a new site for the films, editing behind-the-scenes footage to share, making plans for Comic-Con, recruiting new characters, and lots more. Forgive us if we're a little slow with responding to emails ;)

Lots more to come, but since teasing is love here you go!:


Update 4/06/08

Come party with Gotham Public Works and help support our film series!!

Filming for Gotham Public Works' "Batman Forsaken" trailer wraps Saturday, April 12th, and you're invited! Come early and help us fill out the final shots as guests at The Penguin's Iceberg Lounge ~ Come late and hang out with the cast and crew ~ Come for BOTH! We'll be unwinding from the madness in a historic downtown warehouse among our sets complete with a DJ, bar, and special guests.

In order to raise funds for our film series we're asking for a suggested $20 donation for the late crowd and $10 for the early crowd, or the equivalent in spirits and/or mixers for the donation bar. More or less than that, your company and whatever you can give to help us make the films that so many of you have asked for over the years is greatly appreciated.

Early crowd: If you'd like to be in the Iceberg Lounge scene (and maybe even be one of the lucky guests to be fired at by one of Penguin's molls) please arrive between 7pm and 8pm dressed in 1920's to 1940's inspired formal wear with any fun, extravagant touches like boas, wigs, hats, fur coats, gloves, etc. You have to impress the Penguin if you want into his club! ;)

Late crowd: Please arrive after 10pm ready to party!

If you've donated to GPW before, or if you've helped us with anything for the production (costumes, props, etc) your donation is covered!
21 and over only, please.
Carpooling suggested.

999 N. Mission Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Thanks SO MUCH for encouraging, supporting, and motivating us over the years. We can't wait to see you!!


Update 3/14/08

Alright, Batties - I think this update just might blow your minds a little.

First off, a couple things that have added to us being kind of MIA are that two of your main site specialists moved to a new Hahacienda in Gotham East, AND we're working on a...

Trailer: We're clavicle deep in pre-production for the trailer for our Batman film series! It's scheduled to shoot very soon, so if you've ever had the heart to send a donation, NOW would be an excellent time. The plan at this point is to premiere it at Comic-Con, but we'll keep you posted about that.

Shop section: Seriously, half of the initial launch merchandise for this has been designed, but the above items have slowed progress a bit on that. It's still a priority though, so know that it's coming!

New Batman: Long story short, submissions for the role of Batman are now open. Take a look at the recruitment section to get the basics. Have you always known that you are vengeance, you are the night, you are BATMAN??!! Have you just been needing the right opportunity to live the legend? Then it's your lucky day, brother; send a submission and let us know!

Thank you for the motivation,

Update 1/22/08

Honestly, we REALLY don't like making you wait so long. I swear though, we have excellent excuses.

But now pics from Comic-Con '07 are up! As you'll see we had a lot of fun, did a lot of interviews (including the G4TV thing), and we introduced The Huntress in just the first incarnation of her suit. Hope you love our new bad ass vigilante as much as we do!

We've also got new shots on the individual character pages for Harley, Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, and the start of the page for our new hero, Helena.

In other news, the web site mentioned in the last update is taking a little longer to launch than they expected (see, we're not the only ones!), but any week now when they do we think you'll really like what you see. Also, we're more determined now than ever to start up our shop and plan to have it running before March.  We also hope that sales from the shop will help to continue to add to the funds for our initial film which we have a wonderful script for (courtesy of our Co-creative Director, Brian Crosby) and which we're in the pre-production trenches for as I type. More to mention, but let's wait till we've got something to show for it...

Leaving it at that for now and working to bring you more soon.
We love you!


Rest in peace, Heath. We're sorry to see you go.

Update 9/02/07

Well, it's not the update you want yet, but it's an update. The big, Post-Con Photo Fest is on its way, but we've got a couple things to tide you over a little in the meantime. The Scrapbook section has been updated with an interview, an article, and a couple video clips, and a few old-new pics have been added to Harley's page, the Birds of Prey page (when was that, like, 2001?), and the Group: Main Gallery.

Other than that, you should be able to look forward to an interview/photo shoot spotlight on the ladies of GPW for the launch of a really fun new site next month (not saying the name yet so we don't, I dunno, jinx it), and, of course, those post-Con pics! Got a few other things in the works, but lest we count our chickens before they're hatched we'll bid you toodles.


Update 7/22/07

More news!

Now the intended days for us to be suited-up at Comic-Con are Friday and Saturday. This has changed cause we shot a little segment with G4TV yesterday and they'd like to have us on their stage (somewhere on the exhibit hall floor) suited-up to air the segment and talk to us live on G4. Should be fun! It's supposed to take place somewhere between 4pm and 6pm, so just keep your eyes and ears peeled if you want to catch us. Oh, PLEASE let the editors be kind!

Other than that we should be easiest to catch milling around the DC booth and the Sideshow booth.

And if anyone drops us any spoilers about "The Deathly Hallows" there will be hell to pay. Not just a fun slap in the face or a cute punch in the gut. Hell.


Update 6/24/07

Ok, really sorry it's been so long since we updated. What can I say, we're a busy bunch! And fortunately some of the stuff we've been busy with has to do with things we think you'll care about!

Let's see... First there's some bad news; we've lost one of our crossbow-weilding women hinted about earlier, but some good news is that (cross your fingers) we'll be debuting the other one this summer! We really think you're gonna be impressed. More good news is that we've also got a new member of the Bat-family who we've been looking for for a long time. She (is that enough of a hint for you?) should be debuting some time next year!

We've also got a new commitment to getting a shop section up and hope to launch that this year. If you've got any tips on the kind of stuff you would (or wouldn't) like to see and spend your hard-earned cash on feel free to drop us a line at

What else... Things are still looking up for the film. A few of the same old obstacles are still in the way, but nothing we're not determined to work out. There are also still thoughts of doing some "preview" stuff first to at least give you (and us) something to savor in the meantime! Yeah, we might just have to make that happen.

And the elephant in the room is, of course, the San Diego Comic-Con! Not planning a panel or anything this year, but we will be there dressed and running around Saturday and Sunday, and with a new vigilante keeping the baddies in line. We may also have some better info on when and where you can find us for sure, so if that pans out we'll let you know here.

That's about it for now! Thanks to those of you that kept pokin' us for an update. You care! You really care! ;)


Update 12/30/06

As promised, one more big update before 2007!

We've got a bunch of new Scrapbook items, pictures from this past year's Comic-Con, a couple more group pictures in the Main Gallery, some new Joker and Penguin shots, another Harley pic, and a great image of Oracle by Jinyo and Jason of in the Friends section.

Now we've got 2007 staring us in the face and a whole heap of resolutions we want to keep. Among them are getting our two new characters suited up (those crossbow-weilding ones hinted about before), getting some more heroes to back up the Bat, getting some new photos that'll really knock your socks off, and (yes, I swear progress is gradually being made) getting the camera rolling on our film project. C'mon '07!!

Oh, yeah. And maybe we'll try to get to a few more of those MySpace emails...

Happy New Year, everybody!!


Update 11/26/06

Well, we almost made it within the time frame promised last time... Pretty close though! But for this round we've got 11 new villain group shots scattered throughout the Main Gallery, and some great new Fan Art. Hope you like it all as much as we do!

And thanks again to one of the best and boldest guerilla photographers out there, Leora Saul!

Ok, more stuff up before New Year's Eve or no champagne for us.

Upate 09/03/06 - Two Face page launches!

Mr. Dent has finally arrived, and we're all terribly happy and creeped out to have him!! Please help yourselves to our two - count 'em - TWO FULL PAGES of Two-Face in all his ghoulish glory! And yes, he can actually do some really cool crap with that coin.

We've still got a lot of new villain photos to get on the site over the next month or two, so stay tuned for that. Also, we'd like to send a big THANK YOU to all the generous donaters who've been helping us out!! There have been some first-time patrons and a few who faithfully give over and over again, and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it and how much we're looking forward to putting your gifts to good use. Keep up the great work, guys! ;)

Update 07/31/06 - We made it through Con! And a new Baddy!

Con 2006! Woooo! We still live, and are in the procces of getting the pictures from our resident photographer Leora Saul. Thanks to everyone that attended our panel (for those wondering, we packed the room!) we had a great time and hopefully you did too.

We promised him for this year, and so here is a quick taste of our new member Two-Face!

Two Face Revealed!

More to come later, Stay tuned loyal GPW fans!


Update 07/16/06 - New Catwoman clip and pics! Plus more of that adorable Penguin!

One more quick update before Comic-Con...

We've added a couple dapper new shots of Penguin and several new pics of the ever-stunning Catwoman (including one with the Bat), a good handful of new fan art (thanks, guys!!), and now in our "Contact Us" section you'll find names and links to some of the people behind the scenes whose help we rely on!

Also, last but not least, until we get our proper film going we've added another fun little mini-film in the tradition of Harley's "Basketball to the Groin" clip, but this time for Catwoman. Check it out!

Update 06/27/06 - New Black Canary photos and Comic Con news!

Busy, busy, busy!! Life in Gotham has been even more of a whirlwind than usual, but we're doing our best to keep our promise of more frequent updates and goodies!

Today we've got a few new shots of Black Canary (including a wallpaper!), a few of Harley Quinn, and in the "group: general" section a couple of all the ladies together. For next round you can look forward to some new Penguin pics, Catwoman pics, and a few other miscellaneous shots to wrap up the batch.

So! As most of you know the San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and as usual Gotham Public Works is planning for another fun, insane year! We'll be dressed and walking around Saturday and possibly Sunday, but we've got something new happening this year. Well, a couple things... Saturday we'll be debuting our long-awaited Two-Face, and Friday we'll be hosting our own panel! It's titled "Costuming and Characterization with Gotham Public Works" and it'll be Friday at 1:30 pm in room 24A barring any changes. We'd love to have at least more of you there than there are of us. If not I guess there'll be an almost empty room with about 7 people who look kind of like Batman characters in regular clothes playing Red Rover or something. Fun either way!

One last thing to spring on you!! We recently acquired another HIGHLY anticipated character which was a surprise to even us, and there's a chance she will be suited up with us Saturday. Prepare to love her. And you'll also get to preview another lovely lady who should be debuting with us next year!

Want a clue about our new Gotham Gals? They both share a similar weapon...

Back to work!

Update 04/23/06 - New Batman pics!

We're a little later on the draw with this update than we wanted to be, but part of the reason is cause there have been some big happenings to focus on in GPW land!! If there's one thing we've learned the hard way over the years it's to not count our chickens before they're hatched, so we won't go into any big details just yet, but if all goes well we may eventually be announcing some great new characters in the lineup, a big event we never dared attempt before, and a very long-time goal accomplished that we know you've all been waiting for too!

That's all still a little down the line though, so what we have for you today is a pile of lovely new fan art, and FINALLY some stunning new shots of the main man himself, Batman!! The new photos were all taken by our good friend Leora Saul. His page has been long overdue for some stuff like this...

Looks like things are gonna be kinda crazy for a while, but we'll still work towards some steady updates and additions as promised last update. Wish us luck!!

P.S. You might have noticed the Goooogle ads invading our pages for the past few days. These are part of our ongoing efforts to fund our film, so if you want a free way to help us out give 'em a click!

Update 03/12/06 - New site, New Joker shots and more!

Hey! Long time no see!! Sorry about that. We've been a little preoccupied I guess...

But some good news is that this should be the first of several updates that we plan to do over the next few months! This first one's a biggie too. Here's what we've got this round:

So poke around and enjoy! And just to let you know, some of the stuff that should be coming up in the next few updates are a Catwoman mini-film, new fan art, new pics of Batman and the GPW ladies, a shop section, and perhaps a little bit more. Thanks for your patience, and we'll really, really try to be quicker about it next time. For real! - GPW

Update 11/08/05 - New Catwoman pics and we have a myspace!

We now have a myspace account for people who are savvy internet users and crave our company. It's at and we will update it occasionally when we update our site.

Speaking of new stuff, our Catwoman did a photo shoot with Mitchel Evans and as a result you lucky people get two new photos in her section now, and a movie of her soon.

Update 7/08/05 - Comic con magic!

So guess what. We're going to the San Diego Comic-Con!! EEEEK!!!

Oh, you knew that? Right. Well here are a few more details...

The booth (1/2 a booth) we're going to be at from time to time is N9, so come and chat a spell!

Also in the program it says we have a signing from 2 - 4pm on Saturday. That's not so very true. First off the "signing" part was sort of an accident and we feel like total choads even thinking about trying to carry off something as high-falutin' as an official signing. We just don't believe that's where we are. But we will be "at" the booth on Saturday. The other thing that's changed with that is the time. Turns out the majority of GPW are "Firefly" fans and we really want to catch the Serenity panel, so we will be officially at the booth at 3:30 - 5pm on Saturday =)

Also if you don't mind a little "wreckin' the magic" we'll probably be popping in and out of the booth out of costume on the other days. AND we will have wares! We've put together a lovely set of 6 postcards for your impulse shopping pleasure, and if things go well we'll also have some nice Bat-suit pieces to show off. I don't think we're gonna do the cake thing though...

Other than that, only about a year later we've added a few more pics from Con '04! Just some shots of us with some fabulous guys: Jerry Robinson, Jeph Loeb, and Mark Evanier! Very cool.

And we were hoping to have the actual issue to show first, but our own Joker and Harley were chosen to be used on the cover of the June 20th issue of Publisher's Weekly for their Comic-Con issue! Hopefully we'll have proof later.

And lastly, I hear tell that you can catch a quick glimpse of GPW on that Animal Planet documentary about animal-based comic book heroes and villains! I wonder if we qualify for our SAG card yet...

See you soon!

Update 6/22/05 - Catwoman covers!

Looks like we're on a roll again, folks!

We've done a long overdue update of the Fan Art section with lots of interesting stuff (thanks for the submissions!), including the two covers of D.C. Comics' "Gotham Central" for which our very own Catwoman served as artist Michael Lark's model!

We've also (slowly but surely) added a couple random new pics; one of Harley, a new version of one of Mad Hatter's, and two of Penguin. He's so dapper ^_^

In other news, on 6/15 Batman, Joker, and Catwoman ended up at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood "entertaining" movie-goers on behalf of GPW and Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Westwood (thanks Chris and Kevin!) while they waited to see "Batman Begins"!
Yeah, really sorry we didn't give a heads up about that. It was fairly short notice and things were... hectic. Next time?

BTW, all of us in GPW thought "Batman Begins" was freaking fantastic. We are happy, happy, happy little Gothamites.

Also it turns out we'll be having a bit of booth space this year at the San Diego Comic-Con (scary), so drop by and say 'hey'! We'll try to make the most of it that we can for you guys on such short notice. Maybe even serve some punch and cake made in my Batman-shaped cake pan! Would you like that? Cake?

And lastly for now, but certainly not least, I just thought I'd share that we seem to be getting pretty close to premiering everybody's favorite scarred-up, dual-driven ex-attorney, Two-Face!! So quit whinin' about it, already ^_~


Update 5/21/05 - Black Canary Debut!

Huh - what is this place? Where the heck am I? Ok, SERIOUSLY, what's going on?! Oh, right!! We have a website! One of those kinds where it's really good to update every now and then and stuff like that. I remember!

So yeah, really sorry about how long it's been since we've brought you guys anything new to look at. But we've finally got a little something new for you now! Last year we gained a new member and have just put up the initial pictures for her page. The character: Black Canary! One of Gotham's favorite bad ass blondes. Hope you love her like we do!


Update 11/01/04

R.I.P Bill Liebowitz 1941-2004

GPW and the comic book industry has lost a great friend. Our sympathies and prayers go out to the Liebowitz family. He will be missed and fondly remembered by many.

Update 09/15/04

We've finally taken another step in our uphill battle to put more pics on the site! And we've still got a fist full from Comic-Con to add and some new fan art and some to mess with for The Lab and some more individual pics... All in good time, citizens. All in good time. But for now we've got new individual ones up of Harley, Joker, and Catwoman! Plus as a bonus we've finally wrangled a mini Harley movie! Don't expect much for production value - and I mean that wholeheartedly - but at least it's more than just another photo, right?


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