Gotham Public Works

  Batman Forsaken

As we round up fun extra bits of GPW in print or online here and there, whether it be a nice mention of us by someone we're fans of, a film clip, a shot of us on the cover of a magazine, or anything inbetween, this is where we'll put it!

Fan Film Podcasts

In November '08 our Joker, Harley and Catwoman had a blast yapping the ears off of Chris and Fanboy Will over at Everything from Groucho Marx impressions to Celtic harp and covert mime is covered. Check it out! We're episodes 35 and 36.

Batman Universe Podcast Interview

Our first podcast! Aww... Dustin of the Batman Universe Podcast interviews most of the group and Brian Crosby, the writer and director of our upcoming short film series "Batman Forsaken", basically on the heels of shooting the trailer for the series. Check it out!


A rare, candid glimpse behind the scenes of GPW! G4 interviewed Joker, Harls, Two-Face and Huntress at Joker and Harley's Hahacienda! This also includes a short interview of the group at Comic-Con.

GPW on G4TV!

George Barris of Barris Built Productions

The crew, along with a couple classic Batmen, meet George Barris in this clip from George created the original Batmobile as well as the Munsters car. Pretty much every cool car in Hollywood he's had a hand in designing or building, and it was great meeting him.

Publishers Weekly Pt. 2

A plea from Karen at Publishers Weekly to bring us to the Real Gotham. We met her at a WB party that we were almost thrown out of (um, not cause we were idiots or anything), but were saved at the last minute by Matter Eater Lad! You're our hero, Alex.

LA TImes

Another interview with Harl, this time for the LA Times Bloggosphere. People sure do love talkin' to her!

Google Image Search

Ok, this makes us really happy. Do a Google image search for almost ANY Batman character that we have in GPW and a photo of one of us comes up within the first 2 pages. In most cases we're the first 2 pics! Thanks for all the clicking!
(P.S. For Penguin and Joker you have to put "the" in front of their names or else bupkis)

Crimespree Magazine /

In an interview with Greg Rucka in issue #14 of Crimespree magazine the editor chose a photo of our Joker and Harley with Mr. Rucka to add to the article. Then shortly after, the webmistress of used the pic on his site too! If you haven't read "No Man's Land" the novel you really should.

Comic-Con 2006

Our very own listing for our very own panel in the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con Events Guide!

Dark Romance, a site glorifying all things gorgeously spooky, featured GPW in their June 2006 "Book of Days".

When "CRACKED" editor Jay Pinkerton needs a few of Gotham's most infamous faces to lovingly craft his online comics who does he call? Why, Gotham Public Works!

Scribble King, February 2006

Harley Quinn interviewed for the film and comics based website

San Diego Comic Con Update, February 2006

A picture of the group appears in one of San Diego Comic-Con's pre-convention mailers

Publishers Weekly, June 2005

Joker and Harley appear on the cover of the magazine's Comic-Con issue.

iFilm, July 2005

Girls of Comic Con 2005 clip surfaces with a big fat interview with Catwoman lodged inside.

Jackson Publick's Livejournal, November 2005

The group gets a mention and a link in one of their favorite cartoon creator's updates. It was just cool n junk…

Comic Book Artist magazine, March 2004

Catwoman and Harley featured in the magazine's article about Darwyn Cooke

Gotham Central, June 2003, March 2005

GPW's Catwoman serves as model for the covers of Gotham Central by artist Michael Lark. See more of Michael's GPW-based art in the Fan Art section.

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