Gotham Public Works

 Batman Forsaken

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We always appreciate people who like us enough to take time out of their lives to actually produce art using us as the inspiration. If you're one of those people then send us what you've got and we'll put it up for the world to ogle.

By the way, if any of you want to be credited differently or if we lost your name in the shuffle (sorry) please let us know!

Nate Osborne

chad cicconi



Anthony Snith

Ridin in style in this amazing bike, hell yeah!


Miguel Perez

Dana Wright

Pat Daniels

John Fritz

Hi Burn

Arabella Wilmot

jeff sonich

jeff sonich


Justin Chung

Justin Chung

Nate M.

Cody M

Cody MCody M

Ray Mitchell

Harley Tat on Ray MitchellRay Mitchell

Rob Melvin

Rob MelvinBy Rob Melvin

Mitzi Toney

Comic by Mitzi ToneyComic by Mitzi ToneyComic by Mitzi ToneyComic by Mitzi Toney

Rick Ivanoff

Creations from Rick based on photos he took of us at Comic Con 2003 and 2006.

Jordan Wilson

WWWIIILLLLLLLLSsssSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooon!!! An impressive set from one of our MySpace buddies.

Barry Barnes

At first I thought it was "Barry Bonds" and I was all like "Sweet! No way!", but then I realized it was "Barry Barnes" and I was all like "What? Oh well, still pretty cool."


Action has a new name. It's "mangydawg"!

Cheng Xiong

Here is a nice Manip from the only person in the Fan Art section whose last name starts with an X!


joker6 sent us this lovey dovey banner, perfect for a Valentine's day killing spree.

Kiersten Moyes

Kiersten's ultra swank and hip Deviant Art page is located here, check it out!

Lin Workman

More of Lin's work can be found here!

Lin Workman


An actual full scale painting! Egad!!

Matthew Ziemer

A lovely, moody wallpaper



John Jasperse

Somebody's gonna get a whoopin'

Jeff Pittarelli

Harley immortalized and oh, so enhanced...

You can see more of Jeff's work here!

Mattie Gilliland

Looks like our J-man would translate to elaborate comic-book-style art stunningly! Honored to have such gorgeous proof!


It just don't get much cuter

Alexander Gustafsson

Our poses in super fun cartoon style!

Adam Hulse

Adam had been using a pic of ours as his LiveJournal icon! That's pretty dang flattering.


Great stuff and yet so anonymous...


Extra artsy and wonderfully spooky!


Lots of goodies from one of our wackiest forum members. Thanks, kid!

Tim Tom

High-contrast spookiness from an internet person with 2 first names!

Harvey Birdman frequenters might recognize the series that Harvey Birdman did based on our photos. TALENT!


Ever wonder what a snazzy movie poster of the GPW crew might look like? A certain forum-member (forgot to grab his name - let us know if it was you!) thought it might go a little something like this...


mangydawg.1 liked the Joker's freakish melon so much, he took an illustration he made and did the ol' head swapperoo on it!

Arie Kools

Very stylin' wallpaper and one of Harley's dreams come true!


This wallpaper was created by forum-goer Nosferous who'd set out to do a wallpaper of animated Harley, and after coming across our site chose to do GPW Harley instead. Awesome!

Michael Lark

Michael Lark is an Eisner Award nominated illustrator for his work on Gotham Central, Batman Nine Lives and Terminal City. He made a few sketches based on us for his '04 convention art book. More of his work is sold at ADDED 6.22.05 : Michael has now done two - count 'em - two covers of "Gotham Central" featuring our Catwoman! (Both of which can be found in the Scrapbook section).

Steve Stanley

By Steve Stanley of This is the first in a series of illustrations that we serve as models for.

Tim Cantor

One of our favorite manipulations by an amazing artist and a great friend. You NEED to check out more of his work here. A couple of his paintings are hanging up in the lair of our very own Harley and Joker!

Mathieu Auclair

Wallpapers of us in our old school days!

Miguel Perez

A wallpaper highlighting one of our Harley's proudest acheivements

Words that Stay

These are a set of banners done by a friend of a friend who runs the site Words That Stay


Catwoman as a comic book cover and Harley and Joker wreckin' up Gotham. What's not to like?

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