Gotham Public Works

  Batman Forsaken

Update 08/04/04

Hey, kids!

So, we've gradually been adding new pics all over the site since last week. We've still got some more to go before everything we took at and around Comic-Con is up, but please check out what we've got so far! There's the Comic-Con 2004 group pictures page, and a new page of us in... well... "general" situations and places. What?! We're not poets, we're comic book characters. Oh yeah - and there are some new pics on the individual character pages too. Anyway, hope you enjoy and y'all come back, now - ya hear?!


Update 7/27/04

Can’t believe another Comic-Con has just come and gone sooo quickly. Before we know it it’ll be time to start planning for the next one! Well, as far as this one goes we came away feeling pretty darn good.

On Saturday we had Batman in his best suit yet, Catwoman complete with custom buckle and dead-on cat eye goggles, good ol’ Harley and Joker, a gorgeously spooky, re-vamped Mad Hatter, and we finally debuted Penguin who was an even bigger hit than we hoped! Sunday we had just four of the crew but we got pretty equally mobbed both days. BTW, thanks to all of you that mobbed us and gladly accepted our flyers! Obviously we kinda live for it ^_^

Anyway, within the next week we’ll have some great new pictures up in both the group section and on individual pages so please check back soon!

So, some of the highlights for us this year were:
- Getting to meet Jerry Robinson (one of the original Batman artists and co-creator of the Joker), having him all to ourselves for a while and getting his approval. Such a great guy!!
- Being introduced to Jeph Loeb who actually seemed almost as glad to meet us as we were to meet him.
- Running into Mark Evanier a little away from the Con and getting another piece of that ever-satisfying validation. Yummy!
- Meeting some of you that we know from the forums or have been in touch with one way or another. The internet’s a glorious thing but you just can’t beat meeting face to face.
- Hearing countless comments about how much better our Catwoman was than the current film incarnation. (Oh, Warner Bros. Surely you’ve learned your lesson by now…)
- Gathering a few very promising leads for some really fun, high exposure (and possibly profitable) projects that we’d say more about but don’t want to jinx or to have built them up too much in case they fall through. But wish us luck!

Lastly we want to give special thanks to our 3 “minions” this year – we have no idea what we would’ve done without you guys – and to Dexter who never lets us leave Con without being specially introduced to some our favorite artists and writers. You are so the man ^_~

So after all the madness here’s to probably one of our best Cons as a group ever. And many MOOOORE!!!

Update 07/11/04

Oh boy, lots to talk about.

Well, the Free Comic Book Day appearance at 21st Century Comics in Fullerton went very well! There was a gorgeous Joker-style prize wheel and Harley got to give a wedgie to an animator from The Simpsons and a few other brave attendees. If all goes well we should have pics and some possible footage up in the near future. Big thanks to Noel and his crew – you guys were great and we loved getting to meet you!

So the big, fat San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner and we’re working feverishly to make the most of it. Barring disaster (which has struck us a few years at Con in one form or another) we’ll be there suited up on Saturday, most likely Sunday, and lurking anonymously the other days.

Also, if you take a gander around the site you’ll see we’ve been adding a quite few new things! Let’s see… we’ve changed the way the group pictures get navigated around to be more organized and user-friendly, there’s a snazzy new image in the Fan Art section, we’ve added a few pics to the Friends, Comic-Con 2003, and G-Phoria sections as well as a link to footage from the segment we were in at G-Phoria, and last but not least we’ve begun a whole new photo section called The Lab. In it we’ve included a few pics you haven’t seen before and a few you have, but they’ve all been lovingly jacked with to hopefully be a lot more fun to look at ^_^ . Hope you enjoy everything!

Oh! Almost forgot. Didn’t want to mention anything till we knew for sure (and somehow we ended up finding out a few months late) but our very own Catwoman and Harley are featured on practically a full page of the March 2004 issue of Comic Book Artist magazine (Vol. 2 Issue 3) in an article about Darwyn Cooke! They got our web addy wrong but at least they chose pretty decent pics… And the cover is extremely awesome, BTW. We’re working on a section where we’ll put up stuff such as scans of the article, but in the meantime you can check out the CBA home page at

And what does the near future hold, you ask? My, aren’t you the curious ones… Well, we hate to say too much or make promises, but it looks like the Shop section we’ve been dreaming about for years is just about ready to begin bringing you affordable, quality GPW goodies (shop from the convenience of your home PC!), and we’re trying to create/round up various kinds of footage to put on the site for those of you who’ve been wondering what we’re like…you know… moving and talking n stuff. Also we’ll be adding even more new pics (how novel) to a few sections, and generally re-working things here and there. Woo!

Lastly, new rule:

For anyone with comments for us about what you’d like us to do or what you want to see more of, etc., please include at least a $5 donation via our handy Pay Pal button in order to better enable us to make use of your advice (most of which we’ve likely already been hoping we could pull off), otherwise we’ll continue to do the best we can with our limited time and means. Seriously, you guys are stressing me out.


Update 06/20/04

Free Comic Book Day?s about to happen again and Harley and Joker are gonna be all up in it! July 3rd at 21st Century Comics in Fullerton they?ll be doing a bunch of stuff, most of which they?re not totally clear on at the moment, but there?ll be prizes and some kind of wheel involved? Should be fun!

Forgot to mention, we've finally got a new character page started! Penguin's been in the works for a while now and he's just about ready to come out with all flippers flapping. Get a preview of him at Penguin's page!


Update 04/20/04

Guess what. We're finally appearing somewhere again and it isn't the San Diego Comic Con! Sorry about the late notice, but it's this weekend (4/24 and 4/25) at the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. We'll be there with Golden Apple Comics for pictures, signings (how presumptuous!), chiropractic consultations, or whatever. You can find more info at Oh - and I should probably clarify when I say "we". It's looking like it'll be Joker, Harley, Penguin (making his pre-debut debut), and sort of maybe Catwoman on Sunday... Come say hi if you're around, and shower us with awe-stricken praise and tears of joy and overwhelming adoration so the owner thinks we're total hot-shots ^_~


Update 03/24/04

The write up on the "About Us" page has been thoroughly revised because, frankly, the old one made me cringe. Enjoy!


Update 02/10/04

So can we procrastinate or what?! Yeah… Well, truth is the wheels are definitely turning in the GPW world (thank God); it just doesn’t happen to be too evident on the site yet. Kind of a don’t-count-your-chickens-before-they’re-hatched thing, plus some things we still need to get on the ball with (and are working towards!), but in the meantime we do have a nice little addition to the site. Michael Lark, the artist for “Gotham Central” among other things, wrote us recently to use some of our photos as reference for some sketches he wanted to do, and very shortly after he sent us the results which turned out hella cool. Check them out in our “Fan Art” section! Also (plug time!), you can see more of Michael’s art at Till whenever!

Gotham Public Works

Update 08/22/03

Well, as promised and as always we've got a few new pics for you to check out. Some of them even have a special sprinklin' of computer maaaaaaagic... Suitable for wallpaper! :wink:
Also there are just a couple new little design touches as we gradually work towards re-vamping the site. Soon we'll be bringing you some more goodies (and one of them's not even a picture!), but till then we hope you enjoy.


Update 08/01/03

Oy. So much… free booze…
In other words I’m writing this while recovering from a mild hangover, but loving glamorous Hollyweird that much more! We had an incredible time at the G-Phoria gaming awards show! Oh, quick note – we were wrong; it hasn’t aired yet, so with all this notice you definitely have to check it out!

So, things started out kinda unfortunate what with B and R not making it to the big show, but that left Batgirl against us baddies 4 to 1. Hehehe! Gotta love those odds. Anyway, everyone’s costumes were amazing, from that Skywalker kid to those Kingdom Hearts cuties! All the folks on the crew were total sweethearts and very helpful, and we had lots of fun talking to all our fellow costumed weirdos.

When we finally took the stage for our 15 seconds of fame (after being led around the theatre like a freak parade in a pointless circle that at least let us cross paths with that dreamy little funny-man Hal Sparks!) the crowd gave us lotsa love, and your own GPW crew here actually got to be the finale of the segment!

With the work done it was time to party. We only interrupted our drinkin’ and schmoozin’ with playing a few of the tons of games that they had all ready to go through the whole place! Um, and me and mistah J decided to never ever play DDR again. Yeah.
Oh, by the way, don’t worry kids – we’re really not the big old lushes we’re probably sounding like! Well, not really…

Finally we decided to use our fancy passes to see what was goin’ on with the party on the roof. Well, after another drink or so, me and that cuckoo Catwoman found ourselves getting kinda friendly with a couple of those hobbit boys. (Sometimes my puddin’ can be so understanding…) Anyway, yeah, I’m pretty sure it was them even though they didn’t have those big hairy feet at the time. Frodo turned out to be a Harley fan (HURRAY!), and Merry; well if he wasn’t a Catwoman fan before, he was by the time he left! Hey now, you cheeky monkeys – get yer heads outta the gutter!

Anyway, after a bunch more fun and way too much idiotic giggling we were given a friendly boot outta the joint, but not before getting some pics to remember the night by. Have a look for yourself at our G-Phoria page! Also if you’re not watching “Trading Spaces” or something, check out the show August 8th at 8pm on G4. Get more (or better) info at Happy gaming!


Update 7/26/03

And the pics keep comin'!

Now that more lovely Comic-Con shots are starting to pour in we're adding to the group and individual photo pages. Ya gotta check 'em out, kiddies!

Plus we're gonna be on TV this week! The gamers network G4TV is having a big old Hollywood awards show and they've called us all up from Gotham to be part of it, along with a handful of other costumed freaks. Hopefully we don't gotta do anything too embarrasing like a choreographed dance number or something, but I'll take a chacne and ask you to watch anyway. I think that's about it for now - toodles!



Update 7/21/03

Well, there were some disappointments, some setbacks, and some guy who led us to his massive meat locker in his creepy warehouse (long story short we’re alive and he turned out to be a God-send… for the most part), but we managed to pull off an awesome year at Comic-Con! Our record crew of seven stunning (if I do say so myself) heroes and villains were enough of a hit with the crowd to apparently also be a nice big peeve to some of the exhibitors and exhibit hall staff who had to ask us to clear away from even one of the biggest open spaces in the whole place so that the crowd would finally disperse! Twice! So that was nice :)

Anyway, while we wait on what should be a couple stacks of better quality shots, we’ve managed to round up some pics we hope you’ll enjoy in the meantime. We now have the beginnings of all the pages of our individual characters, new group shots, a little footage of Robin in action, and some other new additions and revisions throughout. So expect even more good stuff over the next couple months (like more footage and, well, more pics of course) and in the name of all that’s decent, come back!

Thanks to all of you who helped make Con such a great time for us – especially everyone who actually came up and knew GPW by name; soooo mind-blowing! We’re already making new plans for next year and overall we can’t wait to take on the beast that is Comic-Con again!

Gotham Public Works

Update 7/21/03 - Around midnight

Back from the con. To tired for real update. Pictures speak louder than words.

Harley Quinn

Real update and more pictures later I promise.

-Weary Webmaster


Update 7/08/03

There are a couple of new pictures in the Batcave of a full suit with a graphite belt, and there are new pictures of the Batgirl armour sculpts. With the SD Con only a week away, the GPW crew is scrambling to get everything done, we have a lot in store for you for Con, including a Nippleless Batsuit, a new type of makeup for Joker and Harley Quinn, and of course the premire of the Batgirl and Robin suits. Woud you believe there's more?? Well, there is, but I'm not going to ruin anything else. Just sit tight, and we shall deliver.


Update 5/16/03

2 new sections have been added! The forums are now ready for human consumption. The focus of this forum is Batman related Costuming and comics, but feel free to chat about any old thing you like, we have bandwitch to spare now. The second section is the Batgirl section, yes, we have a Batgirl, but the two pictures are all you get for now. But come comic-con, there should be some more pictures up. We also have revamped our guestbook, and now actually have the ability to respond to posts there. So enjoy the new features, and drop us a line on the forums!


Update 4/13/03

For the sake of inquisitive minds like my own I’ve decided to allow others a closer look into my world, in The Batcave. Here, with greater detail and clarity, you’ll be able to view components of my suit and soon more elements of the Bat-family suits, our weapons, and even pieces confiscated from high profile criminals like Catwoman and Harley Quinn.
Now you’ll know why else to fear me.


P.S. A new image has also been added to the Fan Art page by Steve Stanley of It’s the first in a series of fine art drawings using our likenesses that will be part of a book to be pitched to DC Comics. We’re grateful that Mr. Stanley has let us premiere this and following images here.

Update 4/9/03

Hey kids! We got a couple new little thingies to show off! First there are some lovely new pics of that Bat-groupie Catwoman. If all goes well we may even have a few more of those soon! AND we’ve had a few sweet folks (I’m bettin’ Photoshop pirates, the naughty lot of ’em! Hehe) come along and noodle with our mugs. We’re callin’ it the “Fan Art” section. Thank all of you for sending the stuff along, and for those so motivated we’d love to get some more! Happy Hump day to all!


Update - 02/22/03

It’s been too long! And that goes for almost everything - from writing this update to putting up pictures of us from over half a year ago with folks like Jim Lee and Ed Brubaker. Gotham is a city full of dazzling distractions, especially for procrastinators like us.

So, the first thing we’d like to put out there – especially with our hit counter continuing to rise beyond previously expected levels (thank you all so much!) – is that as proud as we are of it as a starting point, the website is not currently all that we envision or are capable of. We have been SO on the verge of the kinds of pictures, site design and other fabulous kinds of content that’s sure to make you shriek with delight, but the process is still a tricky one. So just know, the potential is great, the wheels are in motion, and we’re so sick of ourselves with our stagnant ways that something is bound to get accomplished soon!! Thank you for your patience.

To our credit, however, we have managed to achieve one pretty exciting thing. We’ve finally added to our ranks! We now have Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Penguin, older Tim Drake Robin, and very possibly Batgirl! Woohoo!!! Now, they’re all still in the process of getting suited up (hard to get appointments with the REALLY hot tailors in Gotham – know what I mean?!) so it’ll be a little while till we get their pages up – and when we do the site is in for a MAJOR re-haul; at least that’s what I hear – but between now and then those of us who are ready for action are gonna get some new pics that will be finally, truly fit for Gotham’s reigning denizen’s of the night!! MUWWAAHHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Yeah, so better pics soon… The kind you know you want!!

Anyway, those are the things that currently needed to be said. Also, since we don’t make a point of responding to everyone based on their guest book entry, we just want to thank you all SOOO much for your nice words to us, your interest in us, and for taking the time to check us out. Here’s to all of you coming back once we’ve got something new to show off! *CLINK

Update - 11/4/02

Our friend Daniel from The Soda Jerks wrote an article at about the Comic Book The Movie party that we attended, so check it out. Here are some pictures that he took during the event. And Daniel, stick with dressing up like the Green Lantern. Please. For all of our sakes.


Update - 10/16/02

Well, you've screamed, you've cried, and you made that little squeeky noise in the back of your throat that I HATE, so we delivered. Here are more photos from the Birds of Prey party for you; the loving masses. There are some more, but Harley clogged the scanner with confetti. But check out the new BOP Photo section, and keep the fan mail comin.


Update - 10/10/02

Oy, what a week! Well, as hopefully most of you caught, we got our mugs plastered all over TV at the premiere party, and Mistah J bent the crowd to his will with his winning smile and won the costume contest (in his regular, everyday suit, no less!) and a walk-on role on "Birds of Prey"! Plus a bunch of websites have been sweet enough to spread the word. Check out,, and the yahoo group DC Live Action Universe for starters. And thanks to them for their awesome sites and for helpin' us milk this thing for all it's worth!

So, we really do want to put up more pics and even footage up of that night soon - heck, everybody else gets to! - but until we get a teency more bit of time, here's what we proudly present!


Hope ya like, and more of that very soon! But till then guess what else we got goin' on! Tomorrow we're gonna get together with Mr. Mark "The Joker" Hamill and get in a few shots of the film he's directing "Comic Book:The Movie"! It'll probably be mainly some crowd shots, but we were told that he was actually askin' around for us, so maybe he'll let us squeeze our way up real close to that big old camera lens! Anyway, for more on the flick check out Have a happy, kiddies!


Update - 10/08/02

So, we give you another almost uselessly late piece of information on where we suddenly find ourselves popping up again! This Wednesday, October 9th we're crashing the "Birds of Prey" premiere party at the Key Club in Hollywood. Should be fun! Plus I understand a certain imposter of mine may be showing up, and I look forward to giving him a hearty, congratulatory hand shake. Anyhoo, with any luck we'll see some of you there - toodles!


Update - 08/11/02

Hey, kiddos! Well, with another fantastic Comic-Con in the bag one thing you can expect soon are some great new pics with the added oomph of Riddler, Poison Ivy (Red!), Catwoman, and even Roxy Rocket! We also think it's time to make sure ya know that new pictures aren't the only thing you'll have to check out when you swing by our backyard over the next year. Besides adding more studio shots, the next thing we're focusing our brains and loot on is..... a trailer-style film! And trust me, we're not talking running around behind K-Mart with your uncle's camcorder and your "Batman Returns" CD here ;) Not that there's any shame in that...

So please stay tuned for that, the usual goodies, and more! We'll try not to disappoint.

Replace your insoles!

-Harley Quinn

Update - 07/27/02

After following his pathetic trail of clues, I finally managed to track down the Riddler and get the Photos from Bookfest 2002 from him. Joker, Harley and Poison Ivy were there, and I needed proof of their villany. So there is a new page of photos that show better detail of the suit as I aprehend them.. Now I am off to San Diego, where I believe they are making their next move at this year's Comic Convention. Maybe I will bring something nice back for Alfred.


Update - 05/14/02

Gather round kiddies, and gaze upon the new Group photo page! Now with 50% more eyeball fodder. There are more pictures on the way, this is only the first set, so stay tuned.


Update - 05/10/02

So we did a photo shoot with professional photographer Mitchel Evans and while we havent gotten all the pictures back yet, here is a little sample to get you drooling like hyenas.

We had a blast at the Golden Apple Free Comic Book Day, thanks to the people who posed for pictures with us, and if you found out about us that day, welcome to our site, and feel free to sign the guestbook.

The site is in the process of being redone, so when we get all the pictures back, expect big changes.


Update - 05/01/01

Yet another gig for you to wish you were at! We will be appearing at the Golden Apple free comics extravaganza on Saturday May 4th from 2pm-7pm with other costume enthusiasts, a creative team and for some odd reason a Yo-Yo team. You can find out more about the free comic day itself at


Update - 04/11/01

Quick note - GPW will once again be at the Festival of Books held on the UCLA campus April 27th and 28th. We'd love to have you check it out and say hi, or just creepily ogle us from a distance. Guess that's fine too.


Update - 12/31/01

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men... Explanations aside, we haven't done everything we'd planned for the site quite as quickly as we'd hoped, but in spite of not being ones for New Year's resolutions we're all gearing up for a more productive and successful year for GPW. 2002! Wooo!!!

Anyway, right now we *do* have some new pictures. Go to the Batman photo section and you'll find a bunch of great photos of him in his amazing new suit, and also there are some good new ones of Harley and Joker in both the group photo section and their individual pages. Also, we've decided to go ahead and share some info regarding those bits of good news we keep hinting at, even though nothing's totally fulfilled yet. Why not? First, a while back someone from DC comics who's in a very relevant position regarding such matters, became extremely interested in hiring GPW to accompany DC at some of their conventions and events throughout the year. (Rock!). So we'll let you know if things finally come of that. Plus, a while back DC artists Terry Dodson (yep, of "Harley Quinn") and Jean-Paul Mavinga (of a separate upcoming Harley Quinn comic) requested pics - which they now have - of GPW's Harley as reference for their work! Apparently Terry Dodson is mainly using them right now for some separate Harley paintings he's working on, and it remains to be seen just how much either of them will end up drawing from the photos of our little Ms. Quinn, but when each of their works pertaining to the pics finally comes out we'll let you know!

Allright, even though there's a bit more to share, it's getting lengthy and we've still got those other plans to show for right now. So just hang in there, and we'll see you in the new year. Have a great one!

Update - 10/21/01

Well, as short notice as it is we promised we'd always let you know when we'd be out and about, and it's going to happen soon! Nothing too major or official, but on Saturday the 27th we'll be on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica most of the evening. That day and the next day we'll be taking those great new photos we mentioned a while back that should be part of all those new goodies coming to the site in the, now much nearer, future. Please feel free to hunt us down and say hi if you get the chance!

Also, for those of you who know about that Club Makeup superhero party a little while back, we just wanted to make it clear that Harley was the only member of the group who made it out to that little shindig. So basically, it was not our Batman who was french kissing the drag queen Poison Ivy - thank you very much.

One more thing - a few of you have mentioned wanting to be contacted whenever the site is updated, and we're really liking that idea. We don't have anything too fancy worked out for that yet, but in the meantime if you'd be interested in this, please let us know at, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

Update - 8/13/01

Dug up a few more pictures for the Batman photo section and the group photo section - enjoy! Also, not to tease but there are still a few pending pieces of really good news that we hope to share very soon. The below is also still in progress. Later!

Update - 7/29/01

Welcome to the domain of Gotham Public Works. First we'd like to thank all of you who've visited our site and for all the positive feedback we've gotten in the guest book and e-mails in just our first week online! It's been incredibly gratifying and we hope to continue receiving your support.

Also, at this early stage of the site we'd like to let it be known that we have many plans and that there should be a lot more to see within the next few months or so, some of which are:

· a section where we'll be selling various items including faithful replicas of costume pieces from the actual movie Bat-suits like those used by our own Batman, custom display pieces of items such as Harley's mask and Joker's cards, GPW logo t-shirts (if enough interest is shown), and eventually more
· new and more professional photos of both the group and individual characters including Batman in what should be his ultimate suit (which we think you're gonna really like)
· character bios
· personal rants by GPW members
· footage from appearances we've made (like the 1999 San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade, if we're not too embarrassed), interviews we've had, and other such material
· links
· and, believe it or not, possibly even more!

We'll also let you know what's going on as far as future appearances we may be making (yes, we do try to get out to more than just Comic-Con), new characters that join on as we add to our own little Gotham, what to expect as some of our group's plans begin to pan out, and any other pertinent information that comes along. Speaking of which, we may have an interesting bit or two of news to share in the near future, but we'll see how that goes first…

So once again thank you all so much, please let us know if you have any constructive things you're just dying to see on the site or if you would be interested in those t-shirts - that sort of thing - and keep checking back! Till then, citizens,

Gotham Public Works

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