Gotham Public Works

  Batman Forsaken

Gotham's got room for more costumed freaks!

Here's what we're looking for:

· People who know and enjoy the Batman story - especially the comic and animated series versions.

· People who not only know and love their chosen character, but bear impressive similarities to them in both look and attitude.

· You must live somewhere in Southern California or be a VERY frequent visitor.

· Reliability! No flakes. No wishy-washy types.

· You do not necessarily need to have your own costume currently, but it might help.

· Females generally need to be between 5'-0" and 5'-5". Males need to be between 5'-7" and 5'-9" depending on character (i.e. Penguin - shorter, Bane - taller). Sorry, some of you people. Our founding members just happened to not be tall so we're workin' with what we've got. Don't get all weird about it.

· You should have an open enough schedule to be available for roughly one weekend per month, comic conventions, Halloween, and so on.

· It's important to have some ability in a performance capacity, for improvisation of your character, and for posing accordingly.

· You must be a cooperative team player. Keep your fangeekdom flexible.

If you think you've got what it takes e-mail us at with the following:

Photograph (please DO NOT apply until you can submit one)
E-mail address
A little note about yourself/ your fandom/ why you fit the bill/ why you want to be a part of GPW/ that sort of thing.

Lastly, please do not apply for characters we already have. Thanks and good luck!

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